Period clothing

...from times, when women were ladies and men gentlemen

Period clothing, Vojtech Svarc, Skoda Popular Monte Carlo

Every occasion calls for appropriate dress. It's not just a relic or spectacular gesture. Supports, sometimes even shapes any situation. I will not go to the theatre in overalls and will not cleanse chassis of „Kadlo“ in the suit. If it was upside down, my tie would tangle to the grease gun and I would be quickly ordered out from the theatre. Although maybe not, if taken into account, how people are dressed going to the National theatre. Time is sick...

Because the ride with seventy and more years old respectable whitebeard still presents for me a rare festive event, I feel like, that for such a machine I should also be appropriately dressed. There is certainly also a piece of respect for our ancestors, who managed to make a car or motorcycle, which continually faithfully serves. If I would chauffeur it in jeans, it would be for them perhaps offensive. Finally, if I ride such a machine, I am trying approached era I like and which I have liking for their lifestyle. I recognize that my view may be to some extent idealized, because the old movies, books, magazines, etc only affect me. The actual experience somehow, to my great regret, I cannot have. But, given the fact that I probably never heard any witness revile downright on the period of the First Republic Of Czechoslovakia, something extraordinary on it probably must been.

Period clothing, wedding, fox fur, Vojtech Svarc, Petra Glassnerova, Petra Svarcová  Period clothing, wedding, fox fur, Vojtech Svarc, Petra Glassnerova, Petra Svarcova
Period clothing, plus-fours, knickerbockers  Period clothing, plus-fours, knickerbockers

Doubtless it was the era of flair and elegance. While at present it is ideal to look worse and seedy. Why kitsch reigns today? Mr. Guth - Jarkovsky (A famous Czech creator and promoter of etiquette) must be rolling in his grave!

It is true that the plain clothes I perform a mimicry and try to blend in with the crowd. A greyness of daily bad taste is not worth an extra dress. I don't have a need as many others, desperately trying to stand out appearance, when they cannot make a success of theirs lives.

Period clothing, fashions magazine  Period clothing, fashions magazine

Since my oldtimers beginning I somehow intuitively knew, that a worthy machine needs also a decent suit. From my start with funny knickerbockers made from old trousers fixed by rubber band I move to a uniform or branded sports model.

I do not know whether the oldtimer community finally came to the same opinion, but the number of historically dressed crews at rallies is rising. But what some people are able to hang on themselves is unbelievably. As for confused film directors the old car is a sort of creeping shaking crock, which must necessarily every two seconds powerfully explode and be wrap up in a cloud of black smoke, for many oldtimer crews an idea of the period clothes presents the combination of Louis XIV. with circus clown.

Period clothing, costume, Petra Glässnerova, Petra Svarcova  Period clothing, plus-fours, knickerbockers, Corduroy fabric, Vojtech Svarc

Several notes to period clothing I wrote in the article for Motor Journal 4/2013. (Sorry, only in Czech available.)

MJ 4/2013.pdf

Period clothing, costume, plus-fours, knickerbockers, Petra Glässnerova, Petra Svarcova, Vojtech Svarc  Period clothing, straw hat, boater, Petra Glässnerova, Petra Svarcova, Vojtech Svarc
Period clothing, motorcycle  Period clothing, motorcycle

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Because a headwear is a proper basis for decent clothes, here you have the instructions for making a cap

Because of many wishes my readers, I'm bringing another instruction, this time for knickerbockers

On the request of The Gendarme station Jehnice I published guidelines for making breeches

Perfectly dressed gentleman certainly must have a high-quality jacket

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