Cucciolo Ducati

„A small engine with sound of adult motorcycle“

Cucciolo Ducati

„Small four stroke engine Cucciolo is indispensable for any owner of a bicycle!“ In 1990, it became also indispensable for me. I did not have driving licence, so it was my first motorized machine. I received it as a present on my eighteenth birthday.

Cucciolo Ducati  Cucciolo Ducati

I wanted to keep the sites on a serious level, but writing these lines, old photos surrounded me and I cannot fight off sentiment. I hope the patient reader will pass following outbreak of emotions without any harm:

My first machine! As it is impossible forget the first woman who makes boy a man, so we cannon forget the first motorized machine, which had made the same service. By the way, the first case is not so important and it is not a topic to talk about in public, the second is undoubtedly much greater importance. Boy does not become a man by few ridiculous body movements, but with the first opening throttle. It is the real pleasure! Like every little boy, I started to ride tricycles, later bicycles. All those vehicles had one big mistake. They work only human powered. Real bikers will probably not agree, but let them confess, when they like riding a bike most. Of course, when rushing down from a long hill, the wind is whistling around their ears and especially - if they needn't do anything. The same feeling I have tasted the first time on the plain or even up the hill. By simply turning the lever, I was rushing forward without any effort, the same way as if I pedalled. Even today, I still remember the feeling of pleasure! (We talk still about riding a motorized velocipede!)

The sentence, which, hopefully, will enter into the history:

Let's leave the drudgery of the machines!

Back to reality! I'm sorry, it had to be... There's no point for me to describe here how Cucciolo Ducati looks, what's its history, driveability, etc. I did this in my article for the Motor Journal and the P. T. reader can click on the link below. I'm so sorry, only in Czech language available. Let me mention a few more things missing in the article and what is going on with Cucciolo lately.

Cucciolo Ducati

October the 18th 1998 is the date, which will certainly be inscribed by golden letters in diaries of all fans of auxiliary motors. That day was held the first race of those motorized velocipedes in the Czech lands in Unhost (small town near Prague). The real race, not just a meeting! It took place on the occasion of village wake, where was the tradition for years to organize a meeting of lovers of historic velocipedes. That year promoters extended participation also for motorized velocipedes. However, only a couple (literally) of them came - two Cucciolo Ducati (one mine, of course). The other racing-bikes on the starting line were motorbikes as CZ or Sachs. So my competitors had machines of double capacity.

Intermezzo: Biker‘s feuilleton (thematically related)
(Sorry, only in Czech available - About the fact, that the roots, not just of motorbikes, can have many faces, which are not always enjoyable)

Such an event, which unfortunately took place only once, I could not miss, of course. Perhaps years of experience in handling these vehicles, perhaps brave bravado ride, perhaps a perfectly prepared and aligned machine, maybe all together, gave me to excel on the track. In the competition of twelve more powerful machines I finished in fourth place. I think this performance deserves appreciative applause. You can clap me at the monitor.

Cucciolo Ducati  Cucciolo Ducati
Cucciolo Ducati  Cucciolo Ducati, Motor Journal

The second significant event in the „dogs“ life was The first meeting of motorized Puppies (Cucciolo in Italian means „Puppy“) at ocassion of competition named „The Quarter mile of Zizkov“ October 12th 2002. The idea organize this event dormant in me for a long time. At the time I rode Cucciolo Ducati quite actively and almost every event I meet someone, who was also the happy owner of it. Meeting of dog-fanciers welcomed everybody with enthusiasm. It was necessary to change time and place several times, but finally a good idea succeeded. The start list consisted of six micro-motors, which I consider a great achievement. Who ever had organized something, certainly knows how difficult it is to direct and coordinate action to suit all concerned. Somewhat exhausted from many phone calls and emails, I suggested that someone else could organize another meeting. Therefore never anything like this happening again, of course. All the more is „Zizkov“ rare and I am glad that we enjoyed it.

Cucciolo Ducati

And what about the „puppy“ and I today? Well, I will not deny, they somehow got lost. One day in 2005 I sadly realized, that the Cucciolo was not walked nearly two years. Other engines and frames were placed in different storage boxes, some of which I have not opened a few years. It was clear to me that put together complete machines from screws, wheels and tubes, I have lack of power, time, money and maybe even taste. I never considered myself a collector, rather enthusiast. The knowledge that I will hoard up scrap iron does not satisfy me at all. I do not see much difference in whether the case contains some rusty iron, or preserved fruit. So the most „puppies“ I have released, retaining just one exhibition engine for nostalgic memories.

Someone may find it odd, after all these years. It is not so, that I lost all love for Cucciolo Ducati. Absolutely not! Just everything has its development. A collecting is beautiful, but somewhat expensive. I really cannot afford a collection of Cucciolos, a collection of Saroleas, a collection of Skodas... Although this image is certainly appealing, it is sufficient for me to have just one piece from anyone. But in a good condition and renovated! My idols are not „would-be collectors“, who boasts in the pub with a large collection of motorcycles, but in reality they own only few rotten jalopies lying about in a shed, with a total value of several Euros.

Cucciolo T1, Czech advertisement  Cucciolo T1, Czech advertisement
Cucciolo Ducati  Cucciolo Ducati Zoppoli

What I always liked from Cucciolo Ducati, and what I would like get, is the scooter. Yes, this versatile high-quality little engine, although originally designed only as an auxiliary for bicycles, allowed, among other options, also incorporation into small scooters. Mostly they were very cute, yet practical toys. In the fifties, were created many of amateur constructions, using Cucciolo engine. I have never gained any of them. I know about two such machines, but I did not even see them. Descendants of the original owners and designers are totally dunces and I fear that these unique pieces will befall a dark fate. Maybe it has already happened.

An example of how „puppy“ growls

About the Cucciolo Ducati P. T. readers also can read on „Joseph Kubista“ websites, with whom I began with „puppies“.

Further information about history, technical details and my experience with Cucciolo Ducati can be found in a link listed below (The article from the Motor journal 5/2002). It was my first work for MJ. When I look at it now, with hindsight, I say myself, that it perhaps was not bad. Unfortunately, it is available only in Czech language.

MJ 5/2002.pdf

My profile on „“

The puppy's „bowels“ you can see here:

Cucciolo Ducati  Cucciolo Ducati
Cucciolo Ducati  Cucciolo Ducati
Cucciolo Ducati  Cucciolo Ducati

The Crankshaft for Ducati Cúcciolo T1, original never used spare part
The Price: 5000 Kč / 190 Euro

Cúcciolo Ducati  Cúcciolo Ducati
Cúcciolo Ducati  Cúcciolo Ducati